Friday, April 18, 2008

68 styles of stamps

Today I'm torn about stamps. Yes, stamps. When I was young I wanted to be U.S. Postmaster General. I love stamps, but am in no way a philatelist. My eldest daughter collected for a few years, but then lost interest. My favorite stamps are the "LOVE" ones, but I usually like the wedding ones, as well...and many times, they are the same...LOL

Considering how freaky-controlling I was on having a certain type of paper for the can see my dilemma on choosing the stamps that will adorn that paper, right?

So, there are these cute CELEBRATE stamps which I like, but not very wedding-y. The wedding/love ones are lavender and that is a no-go for me, but the ones above are just FABU. I mean, if there was anything for this wedding picked with just Mr. Chad in mind, it would be these stamps. He is such a brilliant "science" mind and I think most people do pay attention to stamps on wedding invites and it would be a mini-science lesson b/c maybe, just maybe, someone would google whomever was on their envelope...thus, educating them about someone they never knew...LOL.

Anyway, stamps will more than likely be the ones above...but the other issue for us is...the invites will go out with .41 cent stamps and the response cards have to have .42 cent stamps...damn, but the journalist stamps for the response cards...well, they are educating and informative too...LOL

68,67,66,65,64...and so on. I hope you will stick with me.

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Devious Honey J said...

OMG YOU ARE INSANE! Who in their right mind obsesses over what stamps to use on the invitations??? I can see someone finding some cute stamps and being like OMG SOOO CUTE then attaching them but I dont guess that is it? and again...american idol stamps....