Friday, April 11, 2008

78...that special date.

June is the month for Brides, or that's what we have always heard. Not really true these days. September is now very popular, as is December which host many weddings around the Christmas theme as well as New Year's Eve.

I NEVER wanted to get married in June.

I love fall and think that would have been the best for me and Mr. Chad. We both love autumn. In Kentucky, it' so beautiful when the leaves are turning. I think, I love it because it showcases my favorite color--orange. I think, Mr. Chad loves it because the weather is just right for him and it glorifies "his" mountains.

The girls...well, they are excited now, I guess, but they would have much rather us tie the knot at Disney World. I'm starting to think that, too...but it would have broke the bank as much as this shindig is going to...

Last year it was going to be on 07/07/07 with a Vegas gambling theme and with that in mind this year is a little along those lines. You know, I never wanted to be a June bride and although I don't like the month...I like the date. What is it in gambling they say when a Queen meets up with an Ace at the table? Ah, I remember...21.

78,77,76,75,74...and so on. I hope you will stick with me.

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