Tuesday, April 8, 2008

82 and this ferns for you, I mean, me.

I am not having flowers for my wedding. I wants ferns and plants. I want nature to be my "green" accent color. I have probably said it a dozen times already, but people seem to think it's rather odd. What's odd about getting what I want?

Of course, I don't want silk ferns, and I don't want ferns in urns. I want the centerpieces to be lovely and living...and able to be used at my new house, even if I won't have a front porch by then...LOL :o)

Not much else today...just wanted to rant. Also, if you have any ideas about other plants that would be great as centerpieces...just leave a comment.

82,81,80,79,78...and so on. I hope you will stick with me.

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