Tuesday, April 29, 2008

'57 Chevy as a groom's cake?

I love the idea of a groom's cake. I have spent the last few weeks trying to come up with something for Mr. Chad. He loves spice cake, so I know it will be a spice cake with cream cheese icing. However, that's all that is set in stone.

It was my idea that he not know what it was going to be and surprise him...but it seems that it doesn't really matter if they know or not, and that some grooms help with making the decision. I gave him 5 guesses on what my idea was for his cake, but he ended up guessing for 10 minutes. He guessed:
  1. R2D2 (thought about that, b/c his mom made him one as a kid that he loved, actually thought of many different Star Wars characters...lol)
  2. UK (entered my mind, but not really)
  3. Earnhardt (yes, bought the pan...thought about #3,#8,#88, Goodwrench Chevy, etc.)
  4. WOW-World of Warcraft (LOL...never entered my mind, not sure why though, b/c that would be perfect for him.)
  5. Bud Light or beer (kind of thought about it...)
  6. Family Guy (maybe not what the "family" would want to see, and eat...lol)
  7. Lil' Bush (we love the lil' cronies..."rrr rrr darth vader cake rrr rrr")

None of those were correct, but all would be good cakes for him. When I told him what I wanted...he chuckled, but he knew it was perfect and that I had really put some thought into it...I guess I could say, "I've got me a ringer this time." (hint.hint...lol)

57,56,55,54,53...and so on. I hope you will stick with me.

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