Tuesday, April 22, 2008

65 yards of ribbon is not nearly enough

Did you know it takes a good 9 feet to make a nice size bow? Well, it does and I think I kind of knew that, but Mr. Chad did not. Every day he learns something new in this wedding menagerie.

Claudia helped me limit my ribbon decision so I have to get on the ball about ordering it or picking it up at a local craft store. My cousin, Verlissa, mocked up a pew bow with the ribbon I had chosen, and only 1 was capable of doing the job. It was white with white polka dots, sheer and wired on the edges...I love it, but it needs some jazzing up. She and I thought maybe some fern fronds poked in it somehow... I kinda like this idea here...I want something cheap, but that has a lot of depth and looks expensive. Although, I think that is every bride's goal...LOL.

It's hard deciding on the ribbon b/c of the fact of the colors IN the church. The church is predominately lavender-ish. So I only want to use white or green (from the ferns) on the inside. I'm afraid too much color and it will look like Barney threw up in the church.
I guess, that's one more think that is somewhat checked off the list of things to do...but I'm sure panic will set in 7 days before it all goes down...LOL
66,65,64,63,62...and so on. I hope you will stick with me.

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