Thursday, April 24, 2008

Mess-i-er 62

It's doubtful that you will know anything about today's title, but if you've been reading this blog at all...what can I say, but WIKI it...LOL. However, I was kind of using it as a play-on-words...meaning messier, if that is a word? I am pretty organized, borderline OCD...just no meds needed----YET!...LOL

However, my little wedding notebook has gone to hell, in a handbag. I don't like pencils, so I do everything in pen. :o) Needless to say, it would not get points for neatness. Cuteness, yes.(I need to take a photo of it.) Since I started REALLY planning this thing, I have not made a move without my "handy, dandy notebook". One could almost say, it's my new best friend.

BUT, i do need to go through it and get rid of ideas not being used...the centerpieces page(s) are endless. I figure I can file them for later, dinner parties, showers, etc...or just throw them out...the trash is where THEY belong...LOL. I must have been sampling the "good" punch recipes when i sketched them out.

I have, also, noticed that things are taking over the house and my lil' SUV. Reminds me of my cousin Karen who had wedding stuff in her trunk for months, maybe years...after the wedding...LOL.

So, now that I'm almost halfway there. I need to pull in the reigns and get things in high gear. I DO not want to be doing things two nights before, but I know I will. We (OCD)perfectionists do our best worker under pressure. :o)

62,61,60,59,58...and so on. I hope you will stick with me.

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