Wednesday, April 23, 2008

63 Flavored candies...Yummy!

Mr. Chad and I have been talking about the candy for the candy buffet. Our goal is to try to get a little something for everyone, yet, if any is leftover...the girls (and us) can share it over the summer.

There is soooooo much candy out there and you can actually search by color...instead of just looking for certain candies. WOW! (The littlest things amaze me We have decided there must be a licorice/taffy, something sour, chocolate of course, a mint, and suckers. Although, he wants "whistle pops" like we had when we were kids, and I want to incorporate as many of the things that he wants, as the things that I do.

We have bought most of the containers to hold the candy. We have bought the little boxes for guest to put the candy, all that's left is the CANDY...LOL. Mr. Chad can't wait to sample he said...I forgot to tell him, you only sample the food and the cake...the candy tastes the same as it did years ago, but maybe I'll give him a "whistle pop". :o)

63,62,61,60,59...and so on. I hope you will stick with me.

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