Wednesday, April 2, 2008

87 napkins...WTF?

I have been looking at napkins forEVER. There is cocktail, and dinner, and luncheon, and guest towel...LOL. I am not kidding you.

Does anyone ever really use them? I guess the purpose is to be cute and to serve as a reminder of the day. (Yes, I always keep one from weddings and put them in a box{we all take one, and you know it} day, I will make a scrapbook with napkins and the photos of the couples...or that is my

The funny part to the napkin story is this...i mocked up a few and sent them to the groom-Mr. Chad, and to some friends...and no one agreed on anything...LOL.

The above is one of my faves b/c of "Let it B" being the last song at the wedding and the last song at the those will be ordered!!! I will, also, get some that Mr. Chad picked out...the rest will probably just be plain black and white...they are much cheaper...LOL.

I must tell you that the website that allows for a mock-up is:

It's a neat site to see what you are ordering before you do...

87,86,85,84,83...and so on. I hope you will stick with me.

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